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2015.10 Reaching the last frontier!
07th September 2017 - 0 comments
Alaska is often called the last frontier. It is a very wild place with very few people and this is even more true in the North at Kaktovik (70° North). Kaktovik is one of the top places in the World where to see the "great traveller" Nanuk that is to say the polar bear. Follow me in this new adventure!
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2015.06 Finland, We are back!
29th August 2017 - 0 comments
A third and fruitful trip to Eastern Finland with some of the best sightings of wolverines I have ever had so far!

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2015.03 Heading to southern India!
15th August 2016 - 0 comments
Summary of my trip to Southern India, in the quest of the Indian Leopard!

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2015.11 Grand Prix du Festival animalier de Montier en Der
02nd February 2016 - 0 comments
Grand Prix 2015 du festival de photo animalière et de nature de Montier-en-der. Grand Prix at Montier-en-der nature and wildlife 2015 photo contest.

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2014.09 Looking for the ghost of the forest
15th August 2015 - 7 comments
A la recherche de l'ours Kermode ou ours esprit dans la splendide Colombie Britannique en 2014. Looking for the Kermode bear as known as "spirit bear" in beautiful British Columbia in 2014.

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2015.06 EIB Exhibition
04th July 2015 - 2 comments
A recap of the pictures I presented on untamed India in June 2015. Made out of 4 trips to India.

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2015.05 3eme Festival Photo Nature Ain
11th May 2015 - 5 comments
Voici les photos que j'ai présentées au cours du 3eme Festival nature Ain dans mon exposition consacrée à l'ours Kermode. Merci de laisser un message si vous l'avez apprécié. // Here are the pictures I have presented during the 3rd Photographic exhibition "Festival nature Ain". Please leave a message if you liked it.

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2014.07 Okavango with the parents!
19th April 2015 - 0 comments
Summary of my adventures with my parents in the Okavango delta in July 2014!

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2014.07 Wild Walks in Mana Pools
14th December 2014 - 4 comments
The story of 6 days of camping in a very special place called Mana Pools in Zimbabwe: walk with wildlife and mostly elephants.

L'histoire de 6 jours de camping à un endroit très spécial du nom de Mana Pools au Zimbabwe: marche avec la faune sauvage et particulièrement les éléphants.

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2014.05 In heaven with the bears!
19th August 2014 - 0 comments
In May 2014 I have brought my father to the wild Finland! I absolutely wanted to show him the brown bears of Finland and why not a few wolves, wolverines and arctic birds! So here is the recap of this stay in Finland, which is really a country I like a lot!

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2014.04 Shetland Islands looking for the elusive eurasian otter
15th June 2014 - 0 comments
5 days on Shetland Islands to try to get a glimpse of the elusive eurasian otter and to get to photograph the northern gannets.

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2013.12 Sri Lanka: elephants and birds galore!
18th May 2014 - 1 comment
The summary of a trip in Sri Lanka back in December 2013. Leopard was the main target but no leopard in the viewfinder at the end. Sri Lanka still delivered some very nice wildlife moments with its elephants and teeming birdlife.

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2013.09 Svalbard: Encounter with the Arctic!
03rd November 2013 - 1 comment
12 beautiful days in the Arctic, looking for the lord that is to say the polar bear!

12 jours fabuleux dans l'Arctique, à la recherche du seigneur, c'est-à-dire l'ours polaire.

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2013.07 Finland: Karhu, Susi ja Ahma!
04th October 2013 - 7 comments
Last year, in Sweden, I have had a first experience with the boreal wildlife so I had said to myself I would come-back again (and probably again and again) to watch and photograph those wonders. That is why I went to the eastern part of Finland which is probably the best place in Europe to watch for large carnivores.

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2013.05 part II India - Tadoba Andhari Tiger Park
09th July 2013 - 25 comments
Here is the long awaited trip report from Tadoba with the encounter between a sloth bear and a tigress.
Voici l'attendu récit de mon voyage à Tadoba avec en vedette la rencontre entre un ours lippu et une tigresse.

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2013.05 part I India - Gujarat
16th June 2013 - 12 comments
Trip report from Gujarat where I went to Sasan Gir for the Asiatic Lions and Blackbuck National Park for striped hyena, Indian wolf and blackbucks!

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2013.03 Part II Masai Mara, Kenya
20th April 2013 - 4 comments
After Ethiopia, we headed towards Kenya and the well known Masai Mara reserve where the big cats are aplenty!
Après l'Éthiopie, nous nous sommes rendus au Kenya, dans la fameuse réserve du Masai Mara où les grands félins sont très présents!

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2013.03 Part I Ethiopia
24th March 2013 - 9 comments
A new adventure: 12 days in Ethiopia in search of the gelada baboons in Debre Libanos and the endangered ethiopian Wolf in Balé Mountains!
Une nouvelle aventure: 12 jours en Éthiopie à la recherche des singes géladas à Débré Libanos et du loup d’Éthiopie en grand danger d'extinction aux montagnes de Balé.

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2012.10 Pantaneiro puro sangue!
05th December 2012 - 9 comments
Fin Octobre, je me suis rendu avec mon père dans le Pantanal au Brésil pour y passer une semaine à la recherche du jaguar et des loutres géantes de rivière (entre autre).
End October, I went with my father to the Pantanal area in Brazil to spend one week looking for jaguars et giant river otters (among others).

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2012.09 Mission gorille accomplie // Mission Gorilla accomplished!
15th October 2012 - 6 comments
Voici le compte-rendu de notre voyage en Ouganda en Septembre 2012. Au programme: chimpanzés, lions, kobs ougandais et gorilles de Montagne.
Here is the summary of our trip in Uganda in September 2012.

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